Empowered Blah

January 20, 2014 at 4:54 pm Leave a comment

Garrosh is having the time of his life kicking our sorry butts, I’ll bet!

Saturday’s raid went fairly well – we had a bit of a issue with a mouthy mage pug at first but that sorted itself out soon enough. After that and the usual warm-up attempts we actually started getting to Phase 2 consistently with all the adds dead before getting ported into the other realm. No more spiky tank damage, and DPS and heals were doing pretty good too; three healers but our monk Fistweaved most of the time. Everyone was really on top of the Mind Controls, which was awesome! We were stuck on Phase 2 though, and kept wiping to the adds after Empowered Whirling Corruption, but at least some progress was made!

Sunday’s raid… didn’t go as well, sadly. We wiped right away on trash – always a bad sign – and then had some silly mistakes with Desecrate puddle placement, Annihilate deaths, Iron Star deaths even! Monk had a family occasion to attend so we tried 2-healing –  I thought it worked quite well but MCs kept targeting both healers at the same time which caused more problems. 3-healing was safer but the flip side is Garrosh gained a lot more energy in the other realm. And the Empowered Whirling adds turned out to be a massive road block.

For some reason we’re really bad at controlling and killing them away from each other. We continuously have at least 3 Empowered adds running around within seconds of spawning, which is horrible. Pallytank’s self-healing and general crazy aggro pulls most of the adds onto him, and someone ends up killing those instead of the few we have isolated. Our DK offtank tries to pull them away from Pallytank and kite them away and someone kills the ones on her instead! Big biiiig sigh. It feels like a really silly place to be stuck at for so long. Hopefully after this reset we’ll be better at it.

One week left – two raid days before February arrives!


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Tick Tock Garrosh Back to Square One

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