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Garrosh is down at last, hurray!

Not a guild kill though – I just got really lucky with joining a solid almost-guild group after spending hours upon hours watching trade chat. And to think, they were starting all the way from Dark Shamans so I very nearly didn’t ask to join! Boy am I glaaaaaaad I did.

We were even hit with Battlenet going crazy right before we pulled Siegecrafter – practically everyone aside from me and a rogue got disconnected and couldn’t log back in. I thought that was it, and they actually did sort of call it, but then one managed to get back online and suddenly we were good to go again. Phew!

The strat they use is clever, too – one tank, two healers, with melee heading right and range going left for the intermission phases. DPS is crazy when you have 7 of them! We even lost one melee early on in Phase 2 and still blew through. Obviously the tank and healers were really epic at what they do, too.

No BoAs dropped for me sadly, but I’m so stoked about getting the kill that it doesn’t matter much. Always next time! Plus I picked up a whole bunch of loot from the other bosses anyway – trinket, helm token, leg token, healing mace! Maybe I’ll finally get to go back to Resto again 😀




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