Why hello there. Welcome to the ever-ubiquitious about page. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

The Short Three-Sentence Version
From leveling to end-game content, from PVE madness to PVP mishaps, from guild stories to pugging adventures, from anything to everything, I give you Myriadoscope – a blog about the many facets of (my) life in World of Warcraft. I play primarily on my feral druid, stalk a lot of WoW blogs, laugh at the trolls in trade chat, and beg/plead/harrass my pocket Pallytank into doing ALL THE THINGS with me.

I’m also on twitter as @myriade_, where I attempt to master the hard, hard lesson of keeping my rambling down to 140 characters or less (/cringe).

The Long-and-Rambly Version
Myriadoscope was originally intended to be an experiment of sorts – I was going to roll a Forsaken Warlock and playing her RP-style, on an RP server, and this was to be a chronicle of her journey from level 1 to 85. (Yes, it has been a while.)

Due to reasons of largely inescapable nature (i.e. indecision and procrastination and RL being a pain) however, the roleplay venture took a seat on the backburner. The need to satisfy my unending habit of rambling on and on and onandonandon somewhere on the interwebs did not.

So Myriadoscope will feature a little bit of everything, depending on whatever I’m up to most at any given time in WoW. Myriade – my baby ‘lock, who did eventually get rolled, albeit not on the RP servers – will have her spotlight moments every now and then. I will say it now – everyone needs to have a warlock toon, max level or otherwise. They are wicked (SEE WHAT I DID THAR?) fun.

In-game, my main is my troll druid – primarily she’s a feral cat, though I cycle through every other offspec on a regular basis. For the most part I focus on PVE raid content; now and again I’ll jump into random PVP battlegrounds to flail around and pick off poor Alliance chaps who are already being gunned down.

In-RL, I am far less interesting and far less impressive in stature (seriously though, dem trolls are TALLLLLL). I spend most of my time on the internet, most of my money on books, and most of my brainspace on cracking horribly bad jokes.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, I hope you’ll stick around! /bow


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