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Lucky Number Seven



Last night I finally managed to get that last 70%+ done, so after almost two years Myriade is finally max level! Yay!

Timing could’ve been better, I admit, since she’s hitting 90 the same day of the instant boosts. I’ve saved a whole set of Timeless Isle gear so she gets to skip the grind, which is a good thing because I haven’t dared to take her there just yet. Ah, downsides of being stuck on a PVP server…

Still, seventh toon to hit 90 now, hurray!



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Garrosh is down at last, hurray!

Not a guild kill though – I just got really lucky with joining a solid almost-guild group after spending hours upon hours watching trade chat. And to think, they were starting all the way from Dark Shamans so I very nearly didn’t ask to join! Boy am I glaaaaaaad I did.

We were even hit with Battlenet going crazy right before we pulled Siegecrafter – practically everyone aside from me and a rogue got disconnected and couldn’t log back in. I thought that was it, and they actually did sort of call it, but then one managed to get back online and suddenly we were good to go again. Phew!

The strat they use is clever, too – one tank, two healers, with melee heading right and range going left for the intermission phases. DPS is crazy when you have 7 of them! We even lost one melee early on in Phase 2 and still blew through. Obviously the tank and healers were really epic at what they do, too.

No BoAs dropped for me sadly, but I’m so stoked about getting the kill that it doesn’t matter much. Always next time! Plus I picked up a whole bunch of loot from the other bosses anyway – trinket, helm token, leg token, healing mace! Maybe I’ll finally get to go back to Resto again 😀



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Weekday Waffles: Patchy Edition

Patch day today! Not too long to go now as of this writing, assuming they manage to meet their “scheduled” maintenance hours.

I’m excited for all the new content, but also ridiculously exhausted right now, because I’ve spent a loooong night power-leveling my way through the last four levels on my gnome mage, and then dragging her through the Hordebreaker questline.

That was the ONE thing I wanted to accomplish before 5.4 hit (aside from valor-capping on the main, which didn’t take very long). I’d initially planned to get it done over the weekend, but it was Pallytank’s grandmother’s 85th (I think, no one seemed to be sure…) birthday and we had to travel back to his hometown for the celebration. I almost thought I wouldn’t have enough time, having never tried to really rush through leveling before, but as it turns out I am pretty damn good at last minute pushes. Gotta thank all those late-night essay writing sprees I did back in university for that. 😀

And so, I present to you: Funderling, Double Agent and Hordebreaker!

Not too sure why the achievement graphic bugged out like that, but eh.

Not too sure why the achievement graphic bugged out like that, but eh.


Oh Shaohao, you don't have to bow to me just because I'm a Hordebreaker! STOP IT, YOU.

Oh Shaohao, you don’t have to bow to me just because I’m a Hordebreaker! STOP IT, YOU.

I think I’ll take a break from leveling for now, though. Having six (!) max level toons and only a couple truly raid-ready is a little silly. It’ll be fun to spend time working on that!

Speaking of raids, I think we’ll only be starting normals next week. Pallytank and I are going out of town for a friend’s engagement party and our raid leader has a work event/training/thing, so this week’s raid is canceled. Real Life boss strikes again! We MAY try out flex raiding for fun and giggles, depending on interest. Either way, it doesn’t really matter to me – being in a solid and steady group after such a long period of drifting and pugging makes for happytimes.

As for the WoW Screenshot a Day Challenge, yes I’ve missed the last few days again – my quest to become Funderling the Hordebreaker pretty much wiped out everything else from my mind. I promise to get all caught up again lickety-split!

…After I have a nap.

…AFTER I check out ALL THE THINGS, because RIGHT as I was about to hit post, I noticed that realms are up! HOLYCRAP GOTTA GO 5.4 IS HERE.

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WoW Screenshot a Day Challenge – Catching Up

Like the post title says, I’ve got some catching up to do – so let’s get to it!

Day 21: Slow

Having about a gazillion slowing spells on my mage has SAVED HER LIFE (Featuring: Funderling)

Having about a gazillion slowing spells on my mage has SAVED HER LIFE (Featuring: Funderling)

Day 22: A room

Room to kite Pheromones during LFR Garalon: THERE IS NONE. (Featuring: 20 dead bodies & 5 miracle workers)

Room to kite Pheromones during LFR Garalon: THERE IS NONE. (Featuring: 20 dead bodies + 5 miracle workers)

Day 23: Yellow

Yellow skies during the DK starting zone battle. Oddly appropriate that it looks like it's raining blood

Yellow skies during the DK starting zone battle. Creepy but oddly appropriate that it looks like it’s raining blood!

Day 24: In the background

I love how there's so much snow in Kun Lai, yet there's a gorgeous tree in full bloom right there in the background.

I love how there’s so much snow in Kun Lai, yet there’s a gorgeous tree in full bloom right there in the background.

Day 25: Culture

One of my favourite quests in Jade Forest: lighting incense so Lorewalker Cho can meet your ancestors. Goblin culture: dying in a fire.

One of my favourite quests in Jade Forest is lighting incense so Lorewalker Cho can meet my ancestors. Goblin culture: dying in a fire. (Featuring: Teavee + ancestors)

Day 26: Entrance

Gaining entrance into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms! (I wonder how this will play out in 5.4...)

Gaining entrance into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms! (I wonder how this will play out in 5.4…)

Day 27: 10 minutes from home

Horde landing on Krasarang Wilds shores. Ya'll are waaaay more than 10 minutes from home, kids.

Horde landing on Krasarang Wilds shores. Ya’ll are waaaay more than 10 minutes from home, kids.

Day 28: Corridor


Corridor of FREAKIN’ AWESOME THINGS. Ten points if you can guess where!

Day 29: Lucky

My luckiest loot roll to date - Drake of the South Wind off Al'Akir!

My luckiest loot roll to date – Drake of the South Wind off Al’Akir!

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Striking Down the Thunder King

So today, this happened.



It took us three full raid days – nine hours in total – to get him down, and today’s kill was LITERALLY the last pull of the week. “This one’s gonna be the kill,” our raid leader said (like he’d been saying for all the previous tries, heh). “We got this!” our warlock said too. “I wish they’d stop saying that,” Pallytank muttered at me across the table. “Don’t be so negative!” I told him – and then Lei Shen ported over to the pillar, and the fight started.

Intermissions were nerve-wracking, because that’s always where we mess up. Vent was full of people calling out – balls! stack! spread! STACKKK! I might have battle-rezzed someone; honestly, I don’t remember. But suddenly we were in phase 3 with everyone alive, tanks were calling out taunt warnings, WINDS were blowing us everywhere and his health was going down down down… AND BOOM, DEAD!

After I’d screamed myself hoarse, after the entire raid group went mad with screenshots, I turned to Pallytank. “We did it,” I said. “We actually did  it.”

He just replied, “yeah.”

I won’t lie; six weeks ago if anyone had asked me what my chances of getting Ahead of the Curve were, I’d have shrugged and quickly changed the topic to avoid a sore subject. At the time it honestly felt like one drama after the other, of finding a new group and having it fall apart, of joining pug after pug only to fail, of struggling just to get into a group sometimes. After all, when you’re only 5/12 experienced on a server that is on average asking for minimum 7/12, things get a little limited.

In fact, I’d already resigned myself to not finishing off the tier before patch 5.4 hit – or tried to anyway. Then one day five weeks ago Pallytank told me out of the blue that he’d found us a group with similar progression, raiding at times perfect for our schedule. “No harm trying, right?” he told me, and I figured, what the heck. The worst that could happen was another hefty repair bill. So off we went.

Boy, am I glad we did. I haven’t had the chance to raid with a group of nice, skilled players like these in ages. There’s no rude or crappy behavior, not even after hours and hours of wiping – sometimes stupidly – on bosses. It’s lovely to be playing with everyone having the same goal in mind, to have people able to look at a mistake and figure out ways to fix things instead of raging. Granted, only Lei Shen gave us that much trouble, but hey – nine hours of throwing ourselves at him and no lost tempers is an achievement in itself!

It’s a huge relief and satisfaction to have Ahead of the Curve completed. It’s one of my favourite moments to date. Now we get to look forward to Patch 5.4 and new content and bosses, yay!


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Breakin’ It Down with Jin’rokh the Breaker

We ended up having our first look at Throne of Thunder four days later than planned, but during that interval we added a couple more raiders to the guild – we now have 9 in total, which makes our runs official guild runs now!

And tonight, we are 1/12 10-man normal mode!

10-man Jin'rokh down!

10-man Jin’rokh down!

(Again, screenshot-taking failed at the moment of beating the boss – we had to come back for this one.)

We had Worldbreaker’s Stormscythe and Infinitely Conducting Bracers drop. Nothing Thunderforged, but upgrades are upgrades!

The trash after Jin’rokh wasn’t quite as bad as expected – mostly because all the horror stories we’ve all heard prior to it made us ridiculously careful. It still took us about half an hour, two wipes and multiple people getting punted off the bridge before we got to Horridon, though.

Trash > boss. Blizzard be trollin’.

We got in maybe 5 attempts on Horridon, none of them great. The second door is a PAIN; we were getting overwhelmed by all the venom-adds. We did reach the third door once, but with half the raid dead so clearly there’s room for a lot of improvement.

Still! Jin’rokh down, raiding issues (fingers crossed) coming to an end – good times, hurray!

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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

So, 5.2 has been crazy!

I’ll admit that I’d hoped for more time before it went live, because I really wanted to clear T14 while it was current. But the new content has been really fun – I love how spooky and dangerous the Isle of Thunder feels, I love the new dailies, I absolutely love the new solo-scenarios. Seriously, the Treasure Trove run is AWESOME, WTB more keys so I can go in there again. And the Stage 2 solo instance that opens up the Dawnseeker Promontory, the Sunreaver Onslaught’s new base, was pretty badass – enough that I was compelled to drag all three of my level 90s through it.


I quite like the new ways of earning rep, too. All my toons own Sunsong Ranch now, and have been getting rep for completing the new faction farm quests – and they only take about 5 minutes to do a day. Dungeons and scenarios take longer obviously – especially when ‘random’ always ends up being ‘Shado-Pan Monastery’ – but I only have to do it once a day (sooo much more preferable to tabard-grinding, imo) and hey, bonus valor! It’s DOUBLY helpful, because running 5.2 dailies + dungeons + scenarios every night on two toons means Isolah, my shaman, hasn’t done many Golden Lotus/Klaxxi dailies since she hit 90.

Having other options has made getting Isolah raid ready on a limited schedule a lot less painful than expected. Her ilvl’s still a little low, because LFD refuses to drop anything but plate/cloth gear and tank trinkets, but at least she’s all set for LFR with Elder Charms on hand.

Really, pretty much the only complaint I have is NOT ENOUGH TIME. There’s so much I want to do! All the new achievements, all the rares, OONDASTA, pet battles. Once Isolah’s ilvl hits 480 I fully intend to DO ALL THE THINGS.

But first – my raid group plans to have our first go at Throne of Thunder tonight. We’ve got a new healer and (I think) DPS, so here’s hoping for steadier progression and boss kills, hurray!

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