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The Liebster Award!

Fun times ahead – Calidyn of Paladins Stole My Bubbles! has nominated me for a Liebster Award!

I spent some time googling to learn more about the Award’s origins; as far as I can tell there’s been a series of it over the years (earliest I found was from 2010) and each edition has a different set of rules. They all have the same aim, though!

“Well, it is only an AWESOME award given to up and coming bloggers. Given by other up and coming bloggers. It’s a cool way to find other blogs and feel like you are getting into the blogging stratosphere. It is simple, you get nominated by someone else, mention their page and a link to their blog in your Liebster Award Post, answer the 11 questions they give you, then tag 11 other nominees and give them a new set of 11 questions to answer.” (taken from Calidyn’s post because why not perpetuate a good thing :D)

So, let’s get started! (Rest of post after the break because this is a tad long.)




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WoW Screenshot a Day Challenge – Days 18 & 19

In my excitement over getting the Lei Shen kill yesterday, I completely forgot about posting the screenshot! Whoops. So here’s days 18 and 19 together!

Day 18: Someone you spoke to today.

Monkey see, monkey do! (Featuring: Teavee + guildies)

Monkey see, monkey do! (Featuring: Teavee + friends)

There are five of us altogether that I always talk to pretty much everyday, but one’s currently on holiday and the other was asleep (I think) so they don’t get featured. Here we are, exploring Unga Ingoo – there are ziplines! Who knew? – and monkeying (HA, geddit?!) around. This is pretty much us all the time, in any instance – Firelands, BWD, Naxx, THAT HIGH SEAS SCENARIO WITH ALL THE CANNONS OMG.

Day 19: Lost

Something's missing...

Something’s missing…

I have a hoarding habit. There’s SO MUCH STUFF in my bags that it takes ages to find anything: “I lost so-and-so item!” is a common complaint from me. Is it in my inventory, or my bank, or my GUILD bank tab, or my void storage (latter two not pictured)? Did I send it over to an alt just to keep in the mail temporarily? Did I – oh no dear gods please no – ACCIDENTALLY SELL IT?!

That last one is my greatest nightmare.

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Striking Down the Thunder King

So today, this happened.



It took us three full raid days – nine hours in total – to get him down, and today’s kill was LITERALLY the last pull of the week. “This one’s gonna be the kill,” our raid leader said (like he’d been saying for all the previous tries, heh). “We got this!” our warlock said too. “I wish they’d stop saying that,” Pallytank muttered at me across the table. “Don’t be so negative!” I told him – and then Lei Shen ported over to the pillar, and the fight started.

Intermissions were nerve-wracking, because that’s always where we mess up. Vent was full of people calling out – balls! stack! spread! STACKKK! I might have battle-rezzed someone; honestly, I don’t remember. But suddenly we were in phase 3 with everyone alive, tanks were calling out taunt warnings, WINDS were blowing us everywhere and his health was going down down down… AND BOOM, DEAD!

After I’d screamed myself hoarse, after the entire raid group went mad with screenshots, I turned to Pallytank. “We did it,” I said. “We actually did  it.”

He just replied, “yeah.”

I won’t lie; six weeks ago if anyone had asked me what my chances of getting Ahead of the Curve were, I’d have shrugged and quickly changed the topic to avoid a sore subject. At the time it honestly felt like one drama after the other, of finding a new group and having it fall apart, of joining pug after pug only to fail, of struggling just to get into a group sometimes. After all, when you’re only 5/12 experienced on a server that is on average asking for minimum 7/12, things get a little limited.

In fact, I’d already resigned myself to not finishing off the tier before patch 5.4 hit – or tried to anyway. Then one day five weeks ago Pallytank told me out of the blue that he’d found us a group with similar progression, raiding at times perfect for our schedule. “No harm trying, right?” he told me, and I figured, what the heck. The worst that could happen was another hefty repair bill. So off we went.

Boy, am I glad we did. I haven’t had the chance to raid with a group of nice, skilled players like these in ages. There’s no rude or crappy behavior, not even after hours and hours of wiping – sometimes stupidly – on bosses. It’s lovely to be playing with everyone having the same goal in mind, to have people able to look at a mistake and figure out ways to fix things instead of raging. Granted, only Lei Shen gave us that much trouble, but hey – nine hours of throwing ourselves at him and no lost tempers is an achievement in itself!

It’s a huge relief and satisfaction to have Ahead of the Curve completed. It’s one of my favourite moments to date. Now we get to look forward to Patch 5.4 and new content and bosses, yay!


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In Your Basin, Assaulting Your Bases

It seems that all the times I’ve let WoW get in the way of something – a new game, book, TV, whatever – has come back to haunt, and the blog (being the ‘new’ WoW-related thing) is now being gotten in the way of… if that makes sense. Adulthood has reared its no-nonsense head for the past week, shoving much upheaval onto my keyboard and essentially preventing any attempts at Le Post the Second getting written sooner.

Karma: being a beeesh since before it was cool.

Between that and having to deal with yet another week of my raid group having to pug unreliable healers (the latter will most likely be the underlying reason of many future posts – you have been forewarned), I’ve spent very little time on my druid save for finally completing the Lorewalker achieves and getting Pandaren Ambassador.

Instead, in a fit of stress-induced recklessness, I put my non-existent badass game face on and jumped feet-first into PVP. And not just any PVP, mind you…

Meet the brave soldiers who subjected themselves willingly to Arathi Basin on its call-to-arms weekend.


Low level PVP – where TRUE heroes are made!

Frankly, AB is one of my favourite battlegrounds – but past experience has taught me that doing ANY bg on its call-to-arms weekend is pretty much delivering yourself to graveyard camping at your home base by premades. I try to avoid massacre when I can, but at low levels there aren’t many other choices and I figured AB trumps WSG/EoTS anyday. And premades can’t possibly be common when you’ve only got a 60% speed ground mount, right?

I tried it out on my mage first. I’ll admit – I really wanted to see how Alliance played. It feels like they win 7 times out of 10 when I PVP on my druid, and most of those 7 times involved much ROFLstomping over my dead body. I was curious. I had to know. What’s their secret?

My mage not only had a really exciting time pewpewpewing, she somehow managed to get Disgracin’ the Basin on her first AB run. My monk and warlock? Died a lot, even with all the healing (Xhiwei is mistweaver-specced) and healthstones and CC’s at their disposal. 

Alliance had, in the few ABs I joined, a distinct lack of:

  • fighting on the roads
  • fighting away from the flag
  • poor defense – people who capped a flag stayed to defend it
  • QQing

Horde had all of the above. Secret: revealed.

Granted, this could be down to pure luck and good timing, since I only played for about an hour in total before going to bed. Maybe Alliance-side is extra strong at night? I know Horde has plenty of capable PVPers at all levels, having been fortunate to be carried by them on my previous, sporadic attempts on my druid. Maybe by coincidence, they’re all in a different level bracket?

All in all, this calls for MOAR PEEVEEPEE! I’d say it’s because I want to do more Horde vs. Alliance comparisons, but who am I kidding – I had so much fun flailing around that I can’t wait to go back. ROAAARRR!

(End note: to the warlock in that first AB I did on Funderling, you are made of so many levels of awesome for conjuring all those lockrocks and trading them to every. single. person. on the team. That was quite possibly the best act I’ve seen someone do in-game ever, and I’m making it a point to follow your example on my own warlock from now on. FREE COOKIES FTW)

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