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WoW Screenshot a Day Challenge – Days 18 & 19

In my excitement over getting the Lei Shen kill yesterday, I completely forgot about posting the screenshot! Whoops. So here’s days 18 and 19 together!

Day 18: Someone you spoke to today.

Monkey see, monkey do! (Featuring: Teavee + guildies)

Monkey see, monkey do! (Featuring: Teavee + friends)

There are five of us altogether that I always talk to pretty much everyday, but one’s currently on holiday and the other was asleep (I think) so they don’t get featured. Here we are, exploring Unga Ingoo – there are ziplines! Who knew? – and monkeying (HA, geddit?!) around. This is pretty much us all the time, in any instance – Firelands, BWD, Naxx, THAT HIGH SEAS SCENARIO WITH ALL THE CANNONS OMG.

Day 19: Lost

Something's missing...

Something’s missing…

I have a hoarding habit. There’s SO MUCH STUFF in my bags that it takes ages to find anything: “I lost so-and-so item!” is a common complaint from me. Is it in my inventory, or my bank, or my GUILD bank tab, or my void storage (latter two not pictured)? Did I send it over to an alt just to keep in the mail temporarily? Did I – oh no dear gods please no – ACCIDENTALLY SELL IT?!

That last one is my greatest nightmare.


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Breakin’ It Down with Jin’rokh the Breaker

We ended up having our first look at Throne of Thunder four days later than planned, but during that interval we added a couple more raiders to the guild – we now have 9 in total, which makes our runs official guild runs now!

And tonight, we are 1/12 10-man normal mode!

10-man Jin'rokh down!

10-man Jin’rokh down!

(Again, screenshot-taking failed at the moment of beating the boss – we had to come back for this one.)

We had Worldbreaker’s Stormscythe and Infinitely Conducting Bracers drop. Nothing Thunderforged, but upgrades are upgrades!

The trash after Jin’rokh wasn’t quite as bad as expected – mostly because all the horror stories we’ve all heard prior to it made us ridiculously careful. It still took us about half an hour, two wipes and multiple people getting punted off the bridge before we got to Horridon, though.

Trash > boss. Blizzard be trollin’.

We got in maybe 5 attempts on Horridon, none of them great. The second door is a PAIN; we were getting overwhelmed by all the venom-adds. We did reach the third door once, but with half the raid dead so clearly there’s room for a lot of improvement.

Still! Jin’rokh down, raiding issues (fingers crossed) coming to an end – good times, hurray!

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