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WoW Screenshot a Day Challenge – September 25

Today’s prompt: H is for


…hourglass! This quest is fun – especially with the “advice” Future Me dishes out. The only problem I have is… why would my future, more experienced magey-self be MELEE-ING THE ADDS?


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In-Flight Entertainment

Subtitle: Myriade is easily amused.

Pallytank and I were both in Shrine of Two Moons, heading off to Oondasta, and somehow ended up taking the flight path at exactly the same time.

Additional body parts: now with more shine and no tentacles!

Additional body parts: now with more shine and no tentacles!

I spent the entire time cackling at how my druid seemed to be growing an extra (shiny) head and torso out of her stomach. Clearly, she’s been spending too much time around them Old Gods. CHO’GALL, YOU AIN’T GOT NOTHING ON THIS.

Sadly, Oon was already dead by the time we arrived (and had taken down a whole bunch of people with him, judging by the amount of bones lying around). My hearthstone was on CD, so back to the flight path I went!




At least this time he got his own wyvern instead of trying to hog my kite.

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here we go (again)

‘again’ coming from the half-written drafts started months ago that never got posted because i procrastinate horribly. anyways…

happy 2013! in a frenzy of new years’ resolutions that were thoroughly delayed in being made i’ve decided to revive (for lack of a better word; can it be called reviving if it never lived in the first place?) ye olde world of warcraft blog. because there’s just not enough of them in the world. particularly ones by folks with druid mains.

yeah, i know.

because this is official post #1, i have no witty observations or insightful commentary to offer. instead this is an intentionally lax, non-brilliant thing – with no proper capitalization in sight. i have a problem, you see. it can quite aptly be called ‘firstpostpressurephobia‘. wikipedia doesn’t seem to think such a thing exists, but oh it does.

and so to circumvent such pressure and avoid the necessity of imagining all my readers naked (this may not be the best solution for stage fright either, but your mileage may vary), i am embracing all the horrible horrible things said phobia tends to crush my soul with. lousy/irrelevant topic? check. rambly sentences? check. poor attempt at humour that generally causes any audience i may have (read: very few) to facepalm and groan loud enough to wake the undead? check, check aaaaaand check.

it’s amazing how liberating it can be to deliberately not capitalize things properly.


(and we’ll return to less inane posts after the break. in the meantime, have a video of Animal by Neon Trees; song’s been stuck in my head ever since i decided on the title for this post)

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