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Tick Tock Garrosh

13/14 Siege of Orgrimmar normals, now!

We’ve decided to extend every week until we get Garrosh down, now that we’re sooo close. Siegecrafter Blackfuse went kaboom two weeks ago after a horribly embarrassing amount of attempts on him. I think it was about 60? Bad, bad. The fight’s mechanics are really easy, but first we had people suffering from lag and computer issues, then we just had silly mistake after silly mistake… consequences of the Christmas break, I guess! I was on conveyer belt duty and jumped to my death a few times /facepalm.

Last week was a different story, though! Klaxxi seemed in theory to be a fairly complicated fight, what with the crapton of information you need to remember for each Paragon, but having a set kill order simplifies it a whole lot. Once we got the first few ‘oh-so-this-is-how-it-goes’ tries out of the way, they went down without a hitch!

(…You know, except for when I got eaten by the baby bugs. Not sure how that happened since I wasn’t the Mesmerise target, but one second I was alive – the next, splat! Ugh, just you wait, kunchongs. I’ll have my revenge yet.)

They're a lot smaller when dead...

They’re a lot smaller when dead…

We put in some attempts on Garrosh after, but our best try only got us to the start of Phase 2 where the leftover Phase 1 adds distracted us and caused the Mind Controls to spread everywhere. Sadly, that was just the one time – we kept getting stuck in Phase 1 on all our other attempts. Tank damage seems to be really high here. I think this is the first fight in the entire raid that I’ve seen Pallytank die to adds over and over.

Hopefully when we go in and try again this week we’ll do better! It’s a bit of a race against time now – we’re losing our Pally healer and Pallytank come February. They’ve both decided to take a break from WoW until the new expansion comes out, so with luck we’ll be able to get them the kill as a farewell present 😀


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