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Back to Square One

Well, Sunday was our last shot at getting Garrosh down with the team and we didn’t make it.

I won’t lie about being really disappointed – it just feels like we kept getting stuck in a cycle of making really silly mistakes. Dying to Iron Star, dying to Desecrate, people tunneling and ignoring Mind Controls, people standing in Annihilate… overall we did manage to improve on controlling the adds spawned during Empowered Whirling Corruption, but we wasted more┬átime wiping to mess ups than anything else. Our best attempt ever was seeing him hit Phase 3, but by then everyone but the Mind Controlled folks were dead.

Now we’re losing about half the team – at first it was just the two paladins, but now our DK tank is also taking a break to get ready for school and our Enh Shammy wants to spend time with her newborn (who is adorable in all the ways, I swear). Our warlock has been no-show for weeks now and we’ve been pugging to fill his spot, so it’s safe to assume we’ve lost him too. So that’s both tanks gone, a healer and two DPS ):

There’s been mention of merging with a friend’s raid group – they’ve also lost a whole bunch of people, so it makes sense. But they’re a bit behind progression and gear-wise, so the plan is to start fresh all over and get to know each other as a team. Hopefully it works out! Recruitment is hard this late in the expansion.

See you in a month or so, Garrosh… I hope.


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Weekday Waffles: Holidays!

It’s been awhile, hey!

The past couple months have been really busy for me personally – October had a lot of work/travel, November was NaNoWriMo! It’s my first win ever so I’m pretty dang chuffed ­čśÇ

Sadly things haven’t been going as well on the raiding front – the drama gods have decided to mess with us again. I’m starting to think it’s a once-per-patch occasion. Since the last update we’ve lost: one tank to real life, one healer who switched to replace said tank, one DPS to poor attendance and another DPS to ragequittery. (Side note: if you raqequit right when the first trash has been pulled because the raid leader had no choice but to pug in someone with the same loot spec as you, there really isn’t an excuse you can make for that sort of behaviour. Don’t say you can’t deal with ‘selfishness’ and expect people to sympathise with you.)

We’ve been trial-ing a whole bunch of different people every week, but none have really lasted. With two or three new folks in the group every time progression’s been slow – we only raid twice a week for a total of six hours, so it’s often difficult to have enough time to spare to work on new bosses. Twin Shamans, Nazgrim, Malkorok and Spoils all took a couple weeks each to beat. We’ve had to extend the lockouts to get those new kills, but half the group still wants gear from the first wing so extensions don’t get to happen very often. I’m one of the lucky few – the only upgrades I need now drop from Garrosh and maybe Paragons for the tier leg tokens (*shakes fist at Celestials*).

The good news is we finally got Thok down last week, yay! So far that’s been our biggest hurdle – we hardly ever had enough time to put in proper attempts on him. All in all, I think it took maybe a month between our Spoils kill and Thok’s. We decided to switch it up from our previous tries and one-tank it and that made a whole lot of difference. Pallytank was just ridiculously pleased to go Ret for once! He kept saying he hasn’t had the chance to DPS in a normal raid since the Spirit Kings in MSV. I think he just wants to show off the fact that his Ret spec’s almost as ridiculously geared as his Prot’s ­čśŤ

Holidays are kicking in now though, so Siegecrafter Blackfuse is going to have to wait ’til after Christmas. I’m a bit disappointed about that, but overall I know Pallytank and I are getting a bit frustrated with all the nonsense that happens every week so having a break is a good thing. Hopefully by then the silly problems with disappearing raiders will be over!

Here’s wishing everyone very merry holidays!

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WoW Screenshot a Day Challenge – Day 20

Today’s prompt: Stairs.

Stairway to destiny and FIREEEEEE (Featuring: Xerna + guildies)

Stairway to destiny FIREEEEEE (Featuring: Xerna + guildies)

I’ve been taking new pictures for the challenge, but alas, WoW is down for maintenance today (booo timezones for eating up my entire Tuesday’s worth of play time). Instead I went through my screenshots folder and found this!

All of us usually run Firelands every week for the legendary and for transmog gear, so it wasn’t hard to get the Burning Seeds when we first heard about them. Two of us are actual druids, one is a Potion of Illusion addict, and the paladin is Pallytank once again insisting on showing off his purple ranger-ness instead of getting with the fire kitty show.

But seriously, there are few things more awesome than this look. I LOVE IT SO.

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Striking Down the Thunder King

So today, this happened.



It took us three full raid days – nine hours in total – to get him down, and today’s kill was LITERALLY the last pull of the week. “This one’s gonna be the kill,” our raid leader said (like he’d been saying for all the previous tries, heh). “We got this!” our warlock said too. “I wish they’d stop saying that,” Pallytank muttered at me across the table. “Don’t be so negative!” I told him – and then Lei Shen ported over to the pillar, and the fight started.

Intermissions were nerve-wracking, because that’s always where we mess up. Vent was full of people calling out – balls! stack! spread! STACKKK! I might have battle-rezzed someone; honestly, I don’t remember. But suddenly we were in phase 3 with everyone alive, tanks were calling out taunt warnings, WINDS were blowing us everywhere and his health was going down down down… AND BOOM, DEAD!

After I’d screamed myself hoarse, after the entire raid group went mad with screenshots, I turned to Pallytank. “We did it,” I said. “We actually┬ádid┬á it.”

He just replied, “yeah.”

I won’t lie; six weeks ago if anyone had asked me what my chances of getting Ahead of the Curve were, I’d have shrugged and quickly changed the topic to avoid a sore subject. At the time it honestly felt like one drama after the other, of finding a new group and having it fall apart, of joining pug after pug only to fail, of struggling just to┬áget into a group sometimes. After all, when you’re only 5/12 experienced on a server that is on average asking for minimum 7/12, things get a little limited.

In fact, I’d already resigned myself to not finishing off the tier before patch 5.4 hit – or tried to anyway. Then one day five weeks ago Pallytank told me out of the blue that he’d found us a group with similar progression, raiding at times perfect for our schedule. “No harm trying, right?” he told me, and I figured, what the heck. The worst that could happen was another hefty repair bill. So off we went.

Boy, am I glad we did. I haven’t had the chance to raid with a group of┬ánice, skilled players like these in ages. There’s no rude or crappy behavior, not even after hours and hours of wiping – sometimes stupidly – on bosses. It’s lovely to be playing with everyone having the same goal in mind, to have people able to look at a mistake and figure out ways to fix things instead of raging. Granted, only Lei Shen gave us that much trouble, but hey – nine hours of throwing ourselves at him and no lost tempers is an achievement in itself!

It’s a huge relief and satisfaction to have Ahead of the Curve completed. It’s one of my favourite moments to date. Now we get to look forward to Patch 5.4 and new content and bosses, yay!


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In-Flight Entertainment

Subtitle: Myriade is easily amused.

Pallytank and I were both in Shrine of Two Moons, heading off to Oondasta, and somehow ended up taking the flight path at exactly the same time.

Additional body parts: now with more shine and no tentacles!

Additional body parts: now with more shine and no tentacles!

I spent the entire time cackling at how my druid seemed to be growing an extra (shiny) head and torso out of her stomach. Clearly, she’s been spending too much time around them Old Gods. CHO’GALL, YOU AIN’T GOT NOTHING ON THIS.

Sadly, Oon was already dead by the time we arrived (and had taken down a whole bunch of people with him, judging by the amount of bones lying around). My hearthstone was on CD, so back to the flight path I went!




At least this time he got his own wyvern instead of trying to hog my kite.

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