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LF Consideration

Generally I keep all my ranting limited to twitter, but sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough.

It’s been about two weeks – four raid nights – since my raid group first stepped into Throne of Thunder and downed Jin’rokh. Out of those four nights, one was spent clearing Terrace of Endless Springs; two were half-pugged due to absences. We’ve only had one night with the full group. That’s three hours.

And somehow some people are already convinced that Horridon can’t be beaten, not with our current group and gear level.

I won’t make excuses for myself – my DPS has been abysmal on this fight. Feral typically isn’t strong on target switching encounters, but I could still do with a  lot of improvement anyway. I admit that. So does our WW monk, who’s just returned from hiatus and started ToT at maybe ~483 ilvl. The fight itself also needs a lot of coordination, with interrupts and dispels and add control, and that’s the sort of thing that only gets better with practice.

Practice, and patience, and communication.

On our last attempt last week, our raid leader brought in a friend of his. Said friend is a tank, has cleared up to 4/12 with his own group, and had offered to come in for an attempt to see if there were specific areas we could focus on improving. We wiped on the fourth door due to too many adds and too little dispels, but there were a few adjustments the tank made that I felt helped. Next week, I thought to myself, we’d get it down.

(I also spent that entire night dreaming I was killing the silly dino, but my brain’s warped like that.)

Raid leader mentioned after we called it that his friend said more DPS was needed. Yes, I agreed, many of us agreed. So we ran ToES for gear. We ran LFR for practice. We bought VP items from the Shado-pan Assault.

Sunday night, the raid leader joined his tank friend on their ToT guild run. He brought two of our raid members with him, priest and lock, the most undergeared of our group. They one-shot Horridon, cleared Council, beat Tortos to a pulp. I was a little envious, to be sure, but I figured, ‘hey, now we know how other people do it! Should be cake next reset!’.

Welp. Reset was last night, and I logged in after work to find the raid leader, another of our locks, and our MW monk doing ToT. Normal mode. With that tank’s guild. They were already on Council.

They hadn’t bothered to warn us or give a heads up, hadn’t bothered to even give it another shot with our own group. When I asked, the raid leader told me, “Friend asked me to come. Besides, we weren’t going to get it down anyway. DPS isn’t high enough”. That was that.

The rest of us had spent all that time gearing up, gearing other people up (aforementioned WW monk is now just a couple short of 500ilvl). We’d practiced doing the fight on LFR (and yes, I know LFR pales in comparison but practice is still practice). We’d been prepared to come back, fresh, to give it another shot.

Nope. Doesn’t matter.

Look, I understand the frustration of wiping over and over again to the same thing. I understand the irritation of low DPS or poor heals. I understand how sucky it feels to know the fight and how it should be done and yet just not be able to pull it off. I’m right there, you know, on all those attempts, giving my best shot too. I get it.

What I truly don’t understand is how someone can just screw over the other people in their raid team without explanation or warning and expect it to be the okay thing to do. Our WW monk spent hours and hours doing repeat LFR runs to get gear. Our holypally – who, incidentally, tops heals by miles and is often last to die even when he’s lagging at 10k ms – does the same. They do it willingly, without complaint, because they want to help the raid group progress. It’s a team effort and everyone has to do their part, isn’t that how it works?

The whole ‘I want to kill bosses, eff the rest’ mentality is so selfish, so inconsiderate, that I’m left stunned, because I genuinely didn’t think they were capable of it. It’s everywhere in LFR to be sure, but that’s why we form raid groups, right? Because we get along and are friends and want to work together to kill internet dragons, however long it takes? It’s not just supposed to be a means to an end, replaceable at a whim, with no regard for those who get shafted.

So I guess I’m out of a raid group again, because I can’t bring myself to raid with people like that. Times like these show who’s worth having as a friend, and I’m grateful for that. I’ll kill Horridon eventually and it’ll be sweet satisfaction for all the challenge he’s posed; maybe I’ll even learn how to better target switch like the pros!

All the same though, it’s sad and disappointing to know that the ‘ME FIRST’ boss killed our raid. Consideration for others really isn’t that hard a skill to learn, y’know.


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