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Weekday Waffles

It seems as though every time I am inspired or motivated to write a post, the universe conspires to prevent my doing so. I’m aware this doesn’t make me special in any shape or form, but hey – it’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it šŸ˜€

Anyway, said recent universe-driven conspiracy was both work and family related, and is to date the worst possible combination of a double whammy I’ve experienced, particularly as the problems weren’t entirely mutually exclusive. But, welp, c’est la vie, I’ve gotten through the crappiest bit and emerged (knock on wood) relatively sane, with a renewed appreciation for the emotional and mental distraction that WoW provides.

Stuff that I’ve done recently in-game:

  • server transferred my druid along with the Pallytank and one of our guildies (okay, this was back in April/May and isn’t all that recent). I went resto, joined a raiding guild with the Pallytank, and had to deal with the raid leads randomly deciding after about four-five weeks to disband the group (still not sure why…). Then weĀ joined a pug group from trade that did RIDICULOUSLY well – 5/12 in about two and a half hours – fingers crossed, we may make it a proper group thing now and get to kill more things!
The nature of pugging means I have yet to tire of this cutscene.

The nature of pugging means I have yet to tire of this cutscene.

  • dusted off the death knight (that I power-leveled to 90 and promptly forgot about) and learnt how to tank amidst much panicking and pathetic whimpering every time overgeared DPSers in heroic dungeons pull aggro off me
  • rolled a goblin priest, went disc, and discovered just how fun it is to beĀ that irritating, unkillable, atonement-smiting priest in low level PVP
  • flailed around a bit on my gnome mage… and draenei paladin (it seems I may have a growing problem with alts)

There’s a distinct lack of focus, ’tis true, but I’ve found that hopping around has kept me from getting too disheartened by my lack of progression this tier. I like learning new roles and classes; it lets me see the game from a different perspective.

Learning to tank has been a boost to my confidence. Last week I finally reached the minimum ilvl for Throne of Thunder’s LFR and I am pretty darned proud of the fact that I tanked Lei Shen without dying, more so because I was solo-tanking it for the last 5% after my co-tank died with all battle-rezzes used. Sure, the encounter’s been nerfed and yes, there were some awesome healers keeping me up, BUT it is still something I managed to pull off successfully despite the multipleĀ “tank sucks, undergeared 490 phail” comments I’d received in other instances. Now I have something to remind myself that IĀ canĀ be a perfectly acceptable tank even if people think otherwise. It can only get better from here! (Next stop: add-tanking on Horridon. Ugh... I mean, bring it!)

As for Atonement, I’m enjoying the mini-game of healing-by-dpsing. It’s really just me messing around having fun with it in PVP; being fully decked out in heirlooms probably makes it extra strong. We’ll see! I plan on leveling her to 90 next.


Teavee the Priest ought to remind Garrosh of some things…

Also: waffles. Mm.


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