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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

So, 5.2 has been crazy!

I’ll admit that I’d hoped for more time before it went live, because I really wanted to clear T14 while it was current. But the new content has been really fun – I love how spooky and dangerous the Isle of Thunder feels, I love the new dailies, I absolutely love the new solo-scenarios. Seriously, the Treasure Trove run is AWESOME, WTB more keys so I can go in there again. And the Stage 2 solo instance that opens up the Dawnseeker Promontory, the Sunreaver Onslaught’s new base, was pretty badass – enough that I was compelled to drag all three of my level 90s through it.


I quite like the new ways of earning rep, too. All my toons own Sunsong Ranch now, and have been getting rep for completing the new faction farm quests – and they only take about 5 minutes to do a day. Dungeons and scenarios take longer obviously – especially when ‘random’ always ends up being ‘Shado-Pan Monastery’ – but I only have to do it once a day (sooo much more preferable to tabard-grinding, imo) and hey, bonus valor! It’s DOUBLY helpful, because running 5.2 dailies + dungeons + scenarios every night on two toons means Isolah, my shaman, hasn’t done many Golden Lotus/Klaxxi dailies since she hit 90.

Having other options has made getting Isolah raid ready on a limited schedule a lot less painful than expected. Her ilvl’s still a little low, because LFD refuses to drop anything but plate/cloth gear and tank trinkets, but at least she’s all set for LFR with Elder Charms on hand.

Really, pretty much the only complaint I have is NOT ENOUGH TIME. There’s so much I want to do! All the new achievements, all the rares, OONDASTA, pet battles. Once Isolah’s ilvl hits 480 I fully intend to DO ALL THE THINGS.

But first – my raid group plans to have our first go at Throne of Thunder tonight. We’ve got a new healer and (I think) DPS, so here’s hoping for steadier progression and boss kills, hurray!


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