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A Family Affair [Tyel]

[[short – 850words]]

Slow down.

Tyel had yet to meet a Pandaren who didn’t live as they often advised. They were a compelling folk, so willing to share a drink and a meal and a tale. There was much to be had of all three in Halfhill in particular, among the Tillers and the Ironpaw and the travelers passing through. For a time, Tyel had made it her home.

For a time, she had allowed herself to drift in that quiet day-to-day. There had been crops to tend and pools to fish, and small daily chores she could offer to do in exchange for gold. Hozen had to be kept under control, virmen had to be slayed – all this, the Savior of Stoneplow could do, happily.

For a time, it had been easy to forget an ongoing war beyond the borders of Sunsong Ranch. The missive in her mailbox summoning members of the Horde to the Krasarang Wilds had gone ignored; the presence of Garrosh Hellscream on the continent was inconsequential. There were others like her who could serve the Horde and its Warchief.

For a time, Tyel had been neither battle-hardened rogue nor mercenary for hire, but a farmer plain and simple. It was a far cry from her Adrenaline-Rushed days, but for a time it had been enough to suit her.

And then that time came to an end.

Halfhill’s market was a lot quieter than it had been in weeks, Tyel noted idly as she made her way down from the inn that morning. It smelled as good as it ever did, but without the noise she had grown accustomed to. Perhaps the Sha of Anger had rematerialized (again) somewhere in Kun-Lai, and everyone had gone off to get rid of it (again).

The thought made her smirk as she reached the marketplace proper – people were so predictable.

A Tauren and a Troll, both fully dressed in armour – the former in plate, the latter wearing mail – were standing by Kol Ironpaw, cooking rapidly while deep in discussion. The sight would have amused her at any other time, but Kol’s half-somber, half-horrified expression made her smirk fade instantly. She closed the distance between them quickly, intending to find out what the duo were saying that was causing the chef such distress.

To her surprise, both warrior and shaman turned to her as she neared – Tyel had expected them to ignore her. Neither of them looked familiar, and yet they wore identical looks of sympathy and concern.

A chill seized her. “Something wrong?” she asked, keeping her tone cool and even, watching them closely.

The confusion and alarm that crossed their faces next only served to unnerve her further. Something was wrong. But what could it possibly be, that would cause two complete strangers to look at her as though she was involved?

“Ya not been in Krasarang den, sista?” the Troll asked.

Tyel shook her head, slowly. “Not this past month. Not since the Horde arrived on the southern shores.”

The duo exchanged looks again. “Ya know about the Bell?”

Bell… yes, she’d heard news of Hellscream employing Reliquary forces to search for a magic bell of some sort. Apparently Regent Lord Lor’themar was also involved. The information had come as a mild surprise – Tyel couldn’t remember the last time Lor’themar Theron had left Silvermoon City, but she hadn’t thought much of it since. “I don’t know much,” she finally said.

“Alliance forces got to it first, they took it to Darnassus,” the Tauren spoke up. His words were hurried, uneasy. “We infiltrated the place with help from some Sunreaver mages, stole the damn thing back. Didn’t touch anyone or anything, in and out, invisible the whole time – but that Jaina Proudmoore found out how it happened anyway. She’s banished all Sunreavers from Dalaran. We heard about the purge an hour ago. Domination Point’s called for volunteers for a rescue mission.”

“An’ we be goin’. We got our supplies,” the Troll added.




Blood elves were being purged from what had been a sanctuary. Tyel hadn’t understood much of the Tauren’s rushed explanation, but she understood that. Numb to the core, she nodded her thanks and turned away, Sprinting all the way back to the inn.

She had friends among the Sunreavers. And family, too – whether or not they still counted her among their ranks.

She needed to help them. Save them.

Her supplies had always been packed, the habit of staying prepared having long been ingrained in her. Tyel grabbed the pack and threw herself back out of the inn in one breath, summoning her Drake in the next. The sleek dragon appeared with a roar, already attuned to her rider’s urgency; lowering herself to the ground in the same instant that Tyel vaulted upwards. Then they were off, shooting into the skies and towards the south, leaving Halfhill behind in seconds.

She hadn’t waited for the Tauren and Troll, who stood below gaping at the dark speck that rapidly vanished into the distance. Tyel had taken things slow for weeks.

Now, speed was all that mattered.

Oops, it’s been awhile! I’m blaming it on everything that’s happened since my last post, which included – 1) a realm transfer, and 2) a new job… and 3) the Neverwinter beta, heh heh ehehe. In light of all that, 5.2 went by REALLY fast.

I found this sitting in my drafts – something I hammered out on a whim ages ago. It’s incomplete and unedited and somewhat behind times, but I like it anyway, so I figured I’d throw it up. Blood elves are one of my favourite races (because, well, ELVES) and getting to see them play such a huge part in 5.1 and 5.2 while being pretty BADASS about it was awesome. I remember feeling especially immersed in the whole storyline when I played through it on my rogue, Tyel, because it just really clicked, became real.

When I first created her, Tyel’s backstory was pretty clear to me: her entire family, immediate and extended, are all mages, magisters, arcanists and have been for generations. She is the black sheep, rejecting the study and practice of the arcane in favour of the speed and stealth and subtlety of a rogue, leaving the comfortable opulence of Silvermoon City to roam Azeroth as a mercenary for hire. But while her choices left her estranged from her family, Tyel still tried to save them once news of Jaina’s purge of the blood elves from Dalaran reached her – only she was too late, and found some dead, most missing.

Vengeance must be had. So now that her Regent Lord has decided to take matters into his own hands, Tyel is only too happy to help.

The rest of Tyel’s take on the Sunreaver-Kirin Tor storyline is still swimming around in my head. I may or may not get to writing it down eventually, we’ll see.

Maybe I’ll save it for another time when I “return” from a random month-long absence, eh? ;D


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